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Taxation Circulars
TC 2011/1TAX CIRCULAR NO. 1 of 2011Click to Open
TC 2011/2TAX CIRCULAR No. 2 of 2011Click to Open
TC 2012/1TAX CIRCULAR No. 1 OF 2012 Click to Open
EC 2011/2GROUP EMPLOYER CIRCULAR No 2 OF 2011 Click to Open
TC 2013/1Distinguishing Employee and Independent Contractors and their Tax ImplicationsClick to Open
TC 2013/2Final Concessional rate on Redundancy PaymentClick to Open
TC 2013/3Application of Tourism Accommodation Incentive, DIV9B Income Tax Act 1959 Click to Open
TC 2013/4Administration of the Foreign Contractors Withholding Tax Regime Click to Open
TC 2014_1Imposition and remission of late lodgement Penalties and Late PaymentClick to open
TC 2015_1Application of the director penalty regime to Salary or Wage Tax and Goods and Services Tax liabilitiesClick to open

Draft Taxation Circulars

DTC 2015/2What is a ". . . supply of medical supplies . . . " for the purpose of section 21(1)(a) of the Goods and Services Tax Act?Click to open
DTC 2015/3Salary / Wages TaxClick to open

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